Friday, August 1, 2008

Wall Art

I just love these fantastic retro Recycled Wallpaper Kits by Dutch designer Inke Helland. They are all handcrafted using wallpaper offcuts, so no two designs are the same. Check them out at - I think they would look fantastic in a baby's bedroom, or in my office.

Great Little Cafe

In a previous post, I mentioned the T-Bar as a fantastic place to drink Chai Lattes' in Adelaide - well I thought I would also put a bit of info about them up here too given that they are one of the first places I have to go to when I'm in Adelaide. They have now got three stores, the original at the markets in the city, at David Jones in rundle mall and a third store at Burnside shopping centre. As I've mentioned, I'm a huge fan of their Chai Lattes, but they also make a huge range of leaf teas which you can drink there or buy to take home with you...

Beautiful Kitchen

This kitchen caught my eye on More Ways to Waste Time & I just had to put up some pics of it too, it's got such a great mix between country and retro - the exact look I want to go for in my own kitchen...