Monday, March 23, 2015

Beautiful autumn

We are heading into our third autumn here in the adelaide hills, and it is without doubt the best time of the year. We are still waiting for some proper rain, and our garden is looking dry. But the beautiful, sunny days, and mild temperatures make up for that!
The lawn at the front is almost finished (we put in 'plugs' of Santa Ana couch grass which matt together to form a lawn over about 10-12 weeks). It's already proving to be a great area for kicking balls & enjoying the afternoon sun. We have a plan to have a summer dinner party out there on a big, long table. Perhaps for Brent's birthday on December 1st!

Lachie is almost through his first term of school. He seems to have turned a corner with school, & is now loving it. The first 5-6 weeks were quite hard, & a big adjustment. I think now he's feeling more comfortable & is much more confident now he feels like he can do some of the writing & reading work by himself.

Maya is now 2 and 3 months. It's such a wonderful age, & we are seeing more & more of her personality emerging. She & Lachie are starting to become really good mates, which is so lovely to see. They seem to love dancing together (especially if they are videoing themselves on the computer!). And they also like wrestling together (she's quite the tom-boy!). She's also very social, & is easy to take anywhere as she doesn't seem bothered about having to share or play with other kids, which is nice for us as her parents! I'm guessing it's a second-child thing a bit, because they've always had to share things with their older sibling.