Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simplicity Parenting

I am currently reading the book 'Simplicity Parenting' by Kim John Payne and I am so excited to find a book that resonates so strongly with my philosophy on parenting and the need to get back to basics when it comes to the day to day basics of being with our kids. I have felt for sometime that pressure to 'hyper-schedule' myself and Lachie, to have atleast one (if not three or four) 'important' goals or jobs for each day which I can tick off mentally in order to feel like I've somehow achieved something and given Lachie the best 'developmental opportunities' for the day. But so often I've also felt torn because I know that Lachie is not at his happiest when he's pushed and pulled from one event to the next, constantly on the go and expected to be 'busy'. I've also observed mum's who spend much of their time and resources on endless lessons, sessions, toys, appointments, books and devices designed to 'stimulate, educate, advance, promote' etc, etc (you get my point!). And these same mum's lament that they don't have the time to get the things done in their day that they want to do or spend any time on themselves or their own relationships. Often these kids too are fractious, tired and overwrought, and unable to get 'into the flow' of spontaneous, creative, imaginative play, the type of play that I have such wonderful memories of from my own childhood. This book is a great reminder of the simplicity that kids need to foster these wonderful creative, imaginative moments, and a reminder too of the dangers of buying into that belief that kids need lots of stuff and input to 'be their best'.

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