Friday, February 25, 2011

Around these parts...

So far on this blog, I've not shared much of 'us' - most of my posts are pictures from other places, things that I like to look at on other people's blogs and want to share here. But I think the time has come to start using this blog to share what's happening here with us, not just looking out all the time. So here goes (hopefully this is somewhat interesting!......)

The picture above is from New Years, which we spent in the Hunter Valley at Brent's dad's farm. Lachie had such a great time. He was outside from the moment he woke up, to the moment he went to sleep & both Brent and I feel that he was so happy and content just being able to be himself out in nature. This time convinced us that we need to make moving out of the city a priority.

This is Lachie and my dad (aka, Lachie's favourite person!). They are peas in a pod, quite literally & are completely inseparable when they are together.
Lachie enjoying a summer rain-storm.... the day he first discovered the pure joy of stomping in puddles
and having a lovely doze after all that stomping...
hanging at Collingwood Children's Farm (oh, we love this place!)

More of the farm in the Hunter - this is the view from the deck, just beautiful...

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