Sunday, September 4, 2011


We are so excited that spring is finally here. Brent in particular is excited, because it means his garden can finally start enjoying some sun ...
Today, Lachie and Brent spent most of the afternoon planting some new vegies in what will be 'Lachie's garden'. We are fairly short on space, but hopefully this tub will give us some good salads over summer.
Lachie loves being in the garden with Brent - the combination of one-on-one dad time, as-well as being able to get dirty is the perfect combination!
And it was a great way to spend Father's day afternoon together ...

I love this time of year for the blossoms coming out and the blue skies ...

It makes me want to spend the whole day outside with my boys

I hope you've all had a great Father's day too! Lx

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