Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A bit late but.......

A few people have asked why I never posted anything about our Christmas or New Years - well, the main reason was we were away for almost 3 weeks, and my laptop didn't come for the holiday! And also, since we've gotten home, we've been in the throws of getting our house ready to sell, so it's been hectic!

But we had a great time, started off with a trip to Pa Denis and Trish's farm in the Hunter Valley

Then down to Sydney for Christmas with Brent's sisters, the cousins and Brent's mum

We had a great time, especially Lachie who adores his older cousins

We also went to the Sydney Botanic Gardens for the first time which has magnificent views over the harbour.....

This is Lachie and Brent getting into the farm spirit at Pa Denis' farm

And in amongst all of this was my birthday, spent in Melbourne between Sydney and then off to Adelaide for New Years!

It was a busy time, but really lovely to see all of our friends and family spread across 3 states now! And our New Years in Adelaide was enough to convince us that we are ready to head home, after 7 years in Victoria. How it will all work is still yet to be organised (houses, jobs etc), but we know it's time. We just have to wait and see how things pan out and hope that all of the little details involved in moving from one state to another happen as they should! Makes for exciting times here at our house anyway!

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