Monday, May 9, 2011

Other Blogs I Love to Read ...

A few people have asked which blogs I love & which ones I look at the most. I have a few favourites that I look at quickly most days .....

:: First up would be SouleMama - this is such a beautiful blog written by a lady (Amanda) who is a mum to four (soon five!) kids. Her blog features thoughts about parenting, craft, cooking, renovating & life in general, all with beautiful photography. I have read and seen lots of inspiring things on this blog. I also own two of her books The Creative Family and Handmade Home.

:: Second would be SewLiberated. This blog is written by Meg, a sewing pattern designer, Montessori Teacher & mum to two little boys. Her blog is filled with lots of lovely photography of day-to-day parts of her life & her cute boys, as-well as recording her creative work, thoughts on parenting from a Montessori background and general life stuff. Her youngest boy (also a Lachlan) has recently been born with a heart difficulty, which she has shared about on her blog very bravely. She also has a book (which I don't yet own), plus you can buy all of her sewing patterns at her website.

:: Third would be Dandelion. This blog is written by Beck, a mum to five kids living in a small town in Victoria (my home state!). I think I came across her blog after reading Pip Lincolne's Meet Me at Mikes book. Her blog is a record of her day-to-day life, roles as a parent in a busy household and her creativity. She has a shop where you can buy her beautifully created bunnies, which I think would be a very welcome gift for a new bubba!

:: My fourth favourite would be Apartment Therapy. This is a US site devoted to interiors of apartments (although other houses also feature). They are real homes of creative people - so they are not overly 'styled' or magazine-looking (which I love - they have a lot more soul). I love looking at all the pictures - they do house tours, before & afters, & of-course, lots of good -quality photographs

p.s. i haven't been paid or prompted to promote any of these blogs! I do genuinely love them! There are lots of other blogs I enjoy too (see my links on the RHS). I will keep featuring different ones as I'm sure my tastes will change as my circumstances and life change too!

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