Monday, May 16, 2011

:: Two ::

Yesterday was Lachie's 2nd Birthday. It's insane to think that two years have passed... we agree with that saying 'the days can be long, but the years are short'. It is so, so true, and we look back on these two years like they've happened way too quickly. But what a wonderful little man we have in our lives and we have such great memories of the two years we have had so far ...

We were so lucky to have Brent's sister, her husband and three kids in town. Lachie adored hanging out with his cousins Josh, Zoe and Sienna, and they were able to help Lachie blow out his candles (and eat some cupcakes too!)

This little guy is happiest when outside, either kicking a ball or running through some puddles. He's not a big fan of eating, unless it's olives, smoked salmon or sushi, and he loves cars (especially Uncle Andy or Poppy Jon's cars!).

Heres to many, many more birthdays with this special boy...

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