Friday, April 8, 2011

:: Botanical Gardens ::

The weather this week has been absolutely beautiful - days where you just want to be outside as much as possible, because soon it's going to be cold...
Lachie and I spent most of today at the Botanical Gardens - the image below is from the Ian Potter Children's Garden, which is such an amazing place - definitely worth going to if you live in Melbourne...

Brent knows the garden designer who designed this section of the Botanic Gardens, and it is so well planned ( and given it cost $1.5 million dollars to build, I suppose it should be pretty fantastic!)
Lachie has spent lots of time here already (we visit atleast once a week), and I imagine it will only become more special as he gets older and can really 'play' in the garden. One day I'll take some more photos of each section, as it's got some great ideas for things you could do in a home garden that would be great for kids.

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