Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Saturday

As the weather cools down, days that are sunny are great to get out of the house. These photos are all taken in Mount Macedon, which is a beautiful area, about 45 minutes North West of Melbourne. There are lots of open gardens, and some great cafes & nurseries to spend some time (and money!). Today we visited 'Dicksonia', a rare plant nursery run by Stephen Ryan, the presenter from Gardening Australia.... and he is more than happy to talk about plants and gardening (as we found out!). Lachie had a great time in the nursery, rearranging the pots & wandering through the overgrown paths. I wish we had a garden as big as this to create this same overgrown, forest feel - I can remember as a kid also loving this sort of garden.

If you do head up this way, the little town of Woodend is very close by. 'The Village Larder' is a cafe that's worth checking out - it's run by a husband and wife who are fantastic (sorry, don't know their names), and they have good food & coffee, & a beautiful open fire for the cold days you get in this part of the world. Woodend also has a fairly new playground, which is fantastic. Lachie has only played there once, but it's enormous & has beautiful parklands all around for picnics. This is such a beautiful part of the world, I could happily live here!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Brave New Fiona said...

Hello Libby. I just blogged hopped here from Pip's blog. I liked your comment there re Anne of Green Gables! Oh goodness there is a cult following out there no? When feeling melancholy I do think to myself Anne's quote: "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it". Happy easter! xxx Fi