Friday, April 22, 2011

:: Photos from this Week ::

This week has been busy but good ... Brent has been away & so Lachie & I have been on lots of drives (always good for a midday sleep)
We went to Sanitorium Lake, which is in Mount Macedon. We used to take our dog here for walks & it's a great spot for kids too!
Lots of fun things to play with that are hard to find in a city back-yard, plus a huge lake to throw them into ...
It's such a beautiful, quiet spot. And great fun for practicing your 'coooeee...'
I think some gum-boots will be added to the birthday list for this little man, who is turning 2 in three weeks!

And this beautiful house & garden are a little bit of Paris, right in the middle of Melbourne. I can almost pretend I've been to France this week with photos like this!

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