Monday, April 4, 2011

::Today at home::

Today was a quiet day at home - at the moment I am working night shift on Sunday&Monday nights, which means not a lot of sleep for the start of the week. So Monday's and Tuesday's, Lachie and I lay fairly low. Fortunately, Lachie is very keen to potter with cars, people figurines and cups or bowls of water - and give me a chance to doze on the couch!
These are some flowers grown and picked by Brent from the garden - it's great to come home to fresh flowers at 8.30 in the morning after a night at work!
And this huge bowl of limes is from our great neighbours who love to share their excess fruit and veg...which of-course, we don't ever turn down! I've just got to work out what recipes I have that involve about 30 limes!

And you know what they say about beware when things go very quiet when there's a toddler in the house? Well, this is what I found when I hadn't heard a peep from Lachie for about 10 minutes! He climbs everything and anything (including screen doors which are waiting to have the fly-screen replaced!). You can also see evidence of the game played before the climbing occurred - unravelling the toilet rolls & pulling the towel off the rack so it can be swung from!

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